Wall Centre Towers English Bay (5773)

The winner of the 16 x 20 print is Vickie Laine!

  Many thanks to all who visited my exhibition at the Lynn Valley Library  Gallery, part of the Capture Photography Festival http://capturephotofest.com/. I truly appreciate the lovely comments left. The librarians mentioned how, particularly children, enjoyed looking at all the modes of transportation and the gorgeous view of the snowed mountains in my ‘North Shore…

Guernica & La Riera, Art Intervention

Guernica and La Rielera

On April 28, 1937, Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ painting was inaugurated in the Spanish Pavilion at the Paris World’s Fair. The painting is a protest against war, in particular, the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). General Franco, attempting to overthrow the elected Spanish government, bombed the village of Guernica in northern Spain with the aid of the Germans. This…

Egyptian Socio-economy Pyramid

Artists and Society

Sadly, what does not seem to change at any speed is the low standing of artists in most societies. Studying about the Egyptians, I recently bumped into the graphic here which places artists in the lower rungs -3000 years ago. A recent survey from Hill Strategies, a Canadian research company specialized in the arts sector…

North Shore panorama, Vancouver, BC

City in Flux – Work In Progress goes to the Capture Photography Festival!

If you are a writer you know how the idea in your mind can become something else once it is committed to paper or screen. The same happens when painting, sculpting or photographing.  At times you are the director in command but not always… I just finished a large panorama of the North Shore viewed…